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A conversation EP. 1

This was just a quick conversation between me and a friend of mine.


C: A lot of people are inviting me to Halloween parties. Wala nga akong costume.

J: How ’bout you dress as yourself?

C: That’d be nice. It’s going to be like, “Hey guys. Cool costumes.” And they would go, “Where’s yours?” or “Why aren’t you dressed up?”. Then i’d go, “I am dressed up. I’m going as an asshole”.

J: But you don’t look like an asshole.

C: Exactly, and that’s the best kind of asshole.



10 things I hated this week

Yeah. This week has been full of (disappointments) it. I’m not really sure how I handled it.

Well first off, my girlfriend dumped me.

2nd, it happened in the middle of a conversation with a cousin of mine while I was asking for help to plan our 2nd year anniversary.

3rd, it happened through text.

4th, it’s almost a month since I last saw her.

5th, I was so hell-bent on celebrating our anniversary together.

6th, pop music never really helped.

7th, when I came back here from the mountains, I tried to stay long enough to see everyone I wanted to see. Needless to say, I haven’t seen her yet.

8th, my usual self doesn’t work with her anymore.

9th, I won’t be here long enough to know if she would still take me back.

10th, I have to stop chasing her.

I should stop.

Yeah… I think I should.

And then, i’m back.

People would always tell me, “You should start a blog!” “Write in a magazine!” blah blah blah. I don’t really know why, but writing has always been one of my favorite things to do. Up until now, i guess. But if you think about it, I never really started a blog of my own, or even tried writing for a magazine.

Winning an inter-school poetry writing contest WAS NOT my dream. But it definitely helped me reach it. I’m still miles away from reaching it. I’m not close. But I know i’ll get there. For a 19 yr old kid, I do have a chance here.

I’m back. And i’ll take you from behind.

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