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A Conversation (Holiday Episode)

This happened while buying firecrackers in a nearby store.

Me: Kuya, magkano kwitis?

Tindero: Siyete isa.

Me: Ah. Singkwenta nga.

… then he reached for the plastic bag to pack the firecrackers. Suddenly, a girl stood beside me and asked the shopkeeper…

Girl: Kuya! Pano paputukin to?

Tindero: Alin jan?

Girl: Etong mahabang brown na to.

Tindero: Ah. Hawakan mong mabuti pagkasindi, tapos kusang puputok yan,

… I’ll leave it at that. She was actually asking for the roman candles that didn’t look like roman candles because it was just plainly wrapped in brown paper.

Happy New Year ladies & gents!



2010 & 2011

Here we are, just hours away from ending the first decade of the 2nd millennium. And this would count as my last post for the whole of 2010. I started this blog simply because I’ve failed to maintain my old blog. And I love writing.

So here we go.

The year 2010 was good. It started out okay for me with a bit of a rocky start. Then it slowly became smooth before summer. Midway through it, was such an emotional disaster. And it gotten a lot worse after my birthday. Funny thing about it, it was all so memorable, it haunts me right before I go to sleep.

But then, December came. I started to walk with my feet again. And, as per usual, I was ready to kick ass & chew bubblegum.

GC, I love you guys. Even though I lived in the mountains for the last part of the year, you never failed to show up as soon as I command it. Yeah, I’m proud of what we’ve done. Here’s to another year, and let’s take 2011 from behind.

To my other friends who are not affiliated with my barkada, it was fun hanging out with all of you even though i really single anyone out, your existence is still acknowledged. 🙂

To the parents of my friends, thanks for being cool and treating me like a part of your family. I promise, you will never be forgotten. You guys will always be a part of my very exclusive Christmas list. 😀

To the girl I loved for the most part of my 2010, as much as I want to forget you, I can’t. You were such a big part of it, it’s impossible to scratch you off of my memory. It doesn’t matter if you still know that I exist or not. It doesn’t matter if you still remember or not. I’ve changed now, & I don’t care about anything that has happened between us. I’m still offering my friendship.

Here’s to one helluva year. And let’s welcome 2011 with a bang… no. Not that bang. Because 2011, yeah, I’m talking to you.

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