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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Seeing that logo gives me goosebumps

Yeah, I really did have a gaming boner when I saw the world premiere in Spike’s Video Game Awards.

I have been waiting for 5th member of the Elder Scrolls franchise to rise from the news feed of my gaming subscriptions online. And it never failed to give justice to all waiting for this 5th installment.

Bethesda Game Studios is already up in my list for Best Game Studio for next year’s VGA. Just for making this game, my gaming life was revived again.

Release date for this game is 11-11-11, and that’s just for the US… I think? But i’ll be in Australia when this game is released so I might have a chance to play this game as soon as 11-11-11 arrives.

Ah yes. Here’s the only gaming video that gave me a metaphorical boner. Enjoy! 😀

For further information about the game, here’s an article from my favorite online source, Wikipedia.

[ ]


Dragon Noodle House (review)

This is my 1st restaurant review so be nice.

No dragons were harmed in the making of this review.

Now, i’m reviewing this small, infamous noodle house in Marcelo H. Del Pilar St. in Ermita, Manila. It’s called the Dragon Noodle House (no dragons were found… sorry).

We came in roughly around 9 o’clock in the morning looking for a place to have some good Chinese food for breakfast. 2 of the joints we looked into were still closed, so we ended up here.

As we came in, surely, the whole place can serve about a hundred drunk people tops, looking for a cure for the hangover, and still be a pretty mean noodle joint. It looked like your average noodle place in Chinatown, which was good. But trust me, it’s more than that.

And so we ordered. As I took my time with their menu, I noticed that there were 2 choices for what kind of noodle you would like to enjoy. I explicitly ordered their Dumpling Beef Noodle Soup, with egg noodles being my poison. The other noodle was made out of rice. Ho Fan, is what they call it (I think). It’s flat & white. Details will be discussed furthermore later. 🙂

My sister ordered Dumpling Spareribs (egg) Noodle Soup. My dad ordered Wanton Beef (egg) Noodle Soup. And my mom, Wanton Spareribs (Ho Fan) Noodle Soup.

Yes, we had a pattern going on, but it was not intentional.

Anyway, I’m confident to say that the highlight of the whole experience was seeing the waitress, who was roughly around her late forties, hold 4 hot bowls of noodles just with her 2 hands. 2 bowls in each hand. I was amazed by that feat. “That can’t be light,” I said to myself.

As soon as the bowls landed on our table, I seasoned my soup with half a table spoon of chili sauce (bad idea). It upped the spice level to a near maximum level. My nose was red the whole time! Plus, I can tell that there’s this nutty aftertaste from the dumpling. It was *high pitched voice* awesooooooome. And you can hear the slurping of noodles from everyone in the table. Except for my mom.

The Ho Fan noodle was flat, almost in a square shape, so there’s no slurping sound. But when I tasted it, I can easily tell that it doesn’t sit well on your mouth when you have more than your share. It’s a good snack, but bad for a meal. Egg noodles, still my 1st choice.

Overall, the noodles were terrific. I was full the whole morning until the afternoon. Here are my ratings:

Service – 9/10

Food – 9.5/10

Amenities – 8/10

Ambience – 10/10

OVERALL – 9.125/10


The 2010 Video Game Awards


That’s the 2010 Video Game Awards. Yes, this post has been long overdue, but to hell with that. This is my first (not really) post about gaming, so shut the f**k up.

First off, let’s start with the host of this shindig. Neil Patrick Harris. Yes. Yeah, I still can’t believe that the dude who played as the legen-fuckin’-dary Barney Stinson, is gay. But I have so much respect for that guy. And much respect for him trying to cheer a bunch of game devs up in that event. They were all quiet, and just a few would get some of his jokes. (I got them, trust me)

Anyway, i’ll just summarize & criticize some of the winners in the awards show. Let’s start with this.

Best Handheld Game :

  • God of War: Ghost of Sparta (winner)
  • Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker
  • Professor Layton and the Unwound Future
  • Super Scribblenauts

First, I can’t remember playing this GoW game in my PSP (I can only remember playing Chains of Olympus, completing it under 15 hours), so i’m protesting for this category. MGS: PW should’ve won. Not only it kicks ass when played in Multiplayer mode, but the storyline was so dragging, I didn’t do my chores for a week. 2 weeks even. So i don’t know. Maybe I should just play Ghost of Sparta.

Best Shooter:

  • Call of Duty: Black Ops (winner)
  • Battlefield: Bad Company 2
  • BioShock 2
  • Halo: Reach

I had a strong feeling that CoD would win this category but this is just too stacked. I’m torn between the 3 other nominees. BioShock 2 was an innovative shooter game. It was a fun game. Halo: Reach, well, let’s just say the party isn’t complete with Halo.

Game  of the Year

  • Red Dead Redemption (winner)
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops
  • God of War III
  • Halo: Reach
  • Mass Effect 2

I had a good feeling that Mass Effect 2 would win, based on what my friend who finished the game relayed to me. He even recommended it to me. It’s just that my fuckin’ DVD ROM isn’t functioning. Ugh. I just wish I could play it. While Red Dead Redemption winning the most awards in this event, I still want to try this game out. Try to see if it’s worthy of all the recognition. I hope it is.

Oh yeah, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim this November 2011, biiiitcheees.



(for further info about the winners, here it is: )

Online Wars

No. This is not a Facebook app, or a brand new MMOG. This is about fights that occur online. On social networks like, Facebook, MySpace, etc etc. On instant messaging clients like Skype, Windows Live, Yahoo! Messenger, etc etc. On public online forums.  And on online games that has those little chat boxes.

Flaming is such a big part of the world wide web, it’s retarded.

Yeah. Retarded. Everybody (well, not everybody) says that if you argue with someone online, you’re both retarded. Why?

Well. I don’t really know why, but it seems reasonable to say that you shouldn’t step down one or two levels just to argue with someone about “Where’s my gold, you bitch?!” or “Don’t talk to my boyfriend, you whore!” or “Why did you like her post, huh? You wanna have sex with my girl, don’t cha? Fuck you!” (the last one is actually just plain ridiculous).

I’ve been in so many online fights, verbal & uhhh… avatar-al? (Whatever) I can confidently say that I stopped. I stopped playing online games because of all the flaming. But yeah, there’s this occasional dumb-ass that would cross my path online just to piss me off… and I was just playing online poker.

Really. I’m posting this on my blog just because i’m bored and I kind of miss flaming. You can’t call me a veteran in Flame Wars, but hey, I have my fair share of epic battles that consists of insults, racial slurs, & a lot of R-18 stuff.

I miss the smell of napalm on my chat box.

Yeah, kitty is saying Fuck You Flamer.


A Conversation Ep. 3

This was back in January 14, 2011. It was just an innocent drinking session with my friends. 🙂 We were talking about the new zodiac sign, and was curious about it.

C: May bagong zodiac sign na daw ah. Google mo pre!

D: 13 na diba? Balita ko mukhang —- (penis, in English) yung bago ah.

… after a few seconds of waiting for the page to load.

D: Ay —-! (bad woman, in English, puta in Spanish… crap. I just gave the word away) Di na ako horseman!

C: O, e ano ka na?

D: Scorpio. Move back 1 space am—- (again, bad woman, in English).

C: Ano?! ——— (bad mother, in English)! Virgin na ako?!

… after a couple of laughs and a few more tinkering in Google.

C: *mocking a cry* ayoko maging virgin!!!

… still laughing.

D: Ah! Hindi pre, para lang to sa mga pinanganak nung 2009 onwards. Horseman na ulit ako!



The text above translates to, "Look at my giant snake!"




Long Distance Relationships, & why they never work.

The first two words should answer the question above. I’ve been there (yeah, trust me), and it’s not a walk in the park. There are a bunch of key signs that would pretty much define a long distance relationship. Get ready, this might not agree with your definition, so if it doesn’t, just fuck off eh?

If you’re in a relationship right now, read this. You might be in a long distance one, my friend. Here are some signs. 🙂

  1. You live at least 4 cities apart from him/her.
  2. It takes more than 15 minutes (without traffic) for you to get to his/her house.
  3. You plan your date with him/her weeks before you intend for it to take place.
  4. You see each other not more than twice in a week.
  5. There’s a huge communication gap between you two. (not really a sign. haha)
  6. Your sex life is below average. (depends on what your average is)
  7. You budget 50% of your money for commuting, or gas money.
  8. You’re always the one who goes to his/her place, or at least, a place where it’s easy for you two to meet up.
  9. It’s raining over your place, and the sun is shining over his/her place. Works both ways.
  10. You carry a bag that has at least 3 clothing items, and your not even going to  do anything athletic… so to speak.

Now, not all ten may apply. But if you happen to get at least 4 of them, you are in a long distance relationship. Don’t fret, now, my friend. I’m not saying that the relationship will never work, just ‘coz it’s a long distance one. It might have a chance that it’ll work. No matter how small it is. Yeah yeah yeah, I’m a witness, and sometimes a victim, to some failed long distance relationships. But that shouldn’t stop you from doing what’s right. So here’s a few things to keep in mind. Take notes, grasshoppa.


A BIG word. A BIG responsibility. It’s when you simply drop everything for that person just to be with him/her. You sacrifice your work, or your studies, or even your relationship with your family and/or friends just to be with him/her. Why is sacrifice such a big thing? Well, you do this because you’re about to accept the consequences ahead unknowingly. Good or bad, every sacrifice is a big thing. It has different effects to every person involved. So please, think before sacrificing (yeah, i’m kind of talking to you greedy ancient warlords).

Give & Take

You can agree that there’s always a Giver & a Taker in a relationship, especially in a long distance relationship. Heck, in a long distance one, there’s an occasional restriction where you can’t be both. So you have to constantly remind yourself, which of these two are you? Personally, i’m a giver. Not a consistent one, but hell, I give more than I take. A little effort here and there, and he/she might notice that he/she should do the same thing.


Oh come on, don’t tell me you’ve never lied before? Hahahaha! I’m joking (half-meant, my friends).

The simple ones like: “i’m not going to get drunk don’t worry” & “i’ll be home early I swear”

… are my top favorites, I still drink ’til I drop, and go home early… in the morning. SORRY. 😀

The complex but sugar-coated ones like:

“i’m just out with my friends, no other guys/girls. you know you’re my only one” & “I’ll look but I won’t touch, I swear. It’s just an innocent night out with my friends. Trust me, alright? ‘Coz I trust you.”

… are so caramelized, you wouldn’t even notice the expiration date.

That’s just some of the things I learned with every long distance relationship I’ve ever been in. This is just a public service announcement from a dude who experienced this more than once. Twice. Ok, thrice. Whatever. Hahahahahaha!


Dude. Seriously. No.

A WTF Moment EP. 1

Originally written on November 03, 2010. POST LONG OVERDUE.

I just finished eating my breakfast, and i’m down to one last cup of coffee. I was supposed to play Game 3 of the Playoffs in NBA 2k11 installed in my PC, after all, that’s the only thing I do in the morning. Anyway, after I stepped on the last flight of the staircase, the electricity suddenly went off.
I wasn’t about to get pissed that time because I was holding a really hot cup of coffee. So what I did was sit down on the couch, do absolutely nothing but drink my coffee until the electricity comes back. Come on, give me a break, it’s Game 3.
While I was enjoying my cup, I got into a really serious thought. I was exerting so much mental effort into that thought, then I got distracted by the stray thought of my ex-girlfriend. And so I thought about her. But before my head transitioned into deep thinking, the electricity went back on.
Good, I thought. Thinking of her depresses me a lot. Onto Game 3, bitches.

No. Not you, Kendra. 🙂

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