Changes for 2011

I don’t really have a New Year’s Resolution. I figured that it was kind of pointless to have one. But hey, it’s not bad to have one. Maybe I just prefer to call it differently. Not a resolution. A significant change, maybe.

So yeah, let me start by telling you guys what i’m planning to change about me fix about myself.

  1. Be More of a Gentleman – not that i’m not right now, but you know, i’m planning on exceeding my very own expectations. This world needs more gentlemen. Therefore, the WORLD NEEDS ME.
  2. Drive More – yeah, I should do this more often now. I can see that this is tiring my dad more than any other work he’s ever done, so let me be the driver this time. 🙂
  3. Eat Right – growing up with a family of chefs & foodies, we eat a lot. Now, that I can’t change. I love eating. So, this time for 2011, I declare that i’m going to eat the right things… for some reason, that sounded so wrong.
  4. Write More – I maybe a self-proclaimed lazy-ass writer-slash-blogger, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t write more of these kinds of things. I love writing. That’s why I should do this more often. Hope to God, writers block won’t occur to me.
  5. Be An Athlete… AGAIN – yes. AGAIN. I should be an athlete again. I miss being an athlete. I miss the injuries. I miss the glory. I miss the fans (no, I don’t really have fans). I miss scoring a goal, or a basket, or whatever. I’m a jock, and I intend to capitalize on that.

So let’s change. For good, for bad, for whatever. It’s something new. It’s something that happens constantly. One of my favorite black men said it best.

Yes, We Can


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    One response to “Changes for 2011”

    1. mrjuantamad says :

      Just do it son, saying things that you wish to do this year are just figure of speech. I do know your intentions but doing it in actions are the ultimate thing to confirm and affirm to what you have said. Keep it up and be good and prayerful, by always repeating your intentions to GOD that in turn he will never forget that you asked it.
      Love Mama and Papa

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