A sure-sign that you have a HANGOVER

This is a very special “Conversation” type of episode in my blog. This happened just last Sunday, after my barkada’s Annual Year Starter Party. I’m going to skip the details of the whole party & proceed to the sure-sign.

I woke up, dazed & confused about what the hell happened last night. I wiped my face with my palm, & started to curse the bottles of booze in my line of site. The first two curses that I uttered were, “Fuck… shit” with my voice breaking because of the sore-throat caused by the insanity that happened the night before. After I saw the bottles of Vodka & Tequila, & glanced at my two other friends passed out, I hurried to the bathroom to just to remove the traces of alcohol & pizza off my mouth (I brushed my teeth, you nosy bastards).

Then my friend woke up as soon as I sat back on the sofa, checking his phone, & uttering the same words I said when I opened my eyes…


No, this never happened... yet.




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