Online Wars

No. This is not a Facebook app, or a brand new MMOG. This is about fights that occur online. On social networks like, Facebook, MySpace, etc etc. On instant messaging clients like Skype, Windows Live, Yahoo! Messenger, etc etc. On public online forums.  And on online games that has those little chat boxes.

Flaming is such a big part of the world wide web, it’s retarded.

Yeah. Retarded. Everybody (well, not everybody) says that if you argue with someone online, you’re both retarded. Why?

Well. I don’t really know why, but it seems reasonable to say that you shouldn’t step down one or two levels just to argue with someone about “Where’s my gold, you bitch?!” or “Don’t talk to my boyfriend, you whore!” or “Why did you like her post, huh? You wanna have sex with my girl, don’t cha? Fuck you!” (the last one is actually just plain ridiculous).

I’ve been in so many online fights, verbal & uhhh… avatar-al? (Whatever) I can confidently say that I stopped. I stopped playing online games because of all the flaming. But yeah, there’s this occasional dumb-ass that would cross my path online just to piss me off… and I was just playing online poker.

Really. I’m posting this on my blog just because i’m bored and I kind of miss flaming. You can’t call me a veteran in Flame Wars, but hey, I have my fair share of epic battles that consists of insults, racial slurs, & a lot of R-18 stuff.

I miss the smell of napalm on my chat box.

Yeah, kitty is saying Fuck You Flamer.



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