Dragon Noodle House (review)

This is my 1st restaurant review so be nice.

No dragons were harmed in the making of this review.

Now, i’m reviewing this small, infamous noodle house in Marcelo H. Del Pilar St. in Ermita, Manila. It’s called the Dragon Noodle House (no dragons were found… sorry).

We came in roughly around 9 o’clock in the morning looking for a place to have some good Chinese food for breakfast. 2 of the joints we looked into were still closed, so we ended up here.

As we came in, surely, the whole place can serve about a hundred drunk people tops, looking for a cure for the hangover, and still be a pretty mean noodle joint. It looked like your average noodle place in Chinatown, which was good. But trust me, it’s more than that.

And so we ordered. As I took my time with their menu, I noticed that there were 2 choices for what kind of noodle you would like to enjoy. I explicitly ordered their Dumpling Beef Noodle Soup, with egg noodles being my poison. The other noodle was made out of rice. Ho Fan, is what they call it (I think). It’s flat & white. Details will be discussed furthermore later. 🙂

My sister ordered Dumpling Spareribs (egg) Noodle Soup. My dad ordered Wanton Beef (egg) Noodle Soup. And my mom, Wanton Spareribs (Ho Fan) Noodle Soup.

Yes, we had a pattern going on, but it was not intentional.

Anyway, I’m confident to say that the highlight of the whole experience was seeing the waitress, who was roughly around her late forties, hold 4 hot bowls of noodles just with her 2 hands. 2 bowls in each hand. I was amazed by that feat. “That can’t be light,” I said to myself.

As soon as the bowls landed on our table, I seasoned my soup with half a table spoon of chili sauce (bad idea). It upped the spice level to a near maximum level. My nose was red the whole time! Plus, I can tell that there’s this nutty aftertaste from the dumpling. It was *high pitched voice* awesooooooome. And you can hear the slurping of noodles from everyone in the table. Except for my mom.

The Ho Fan noodle was flat, almost in a square shape, so there’s no slurping sound. But when I tasted it, I can easily tell that it doesn’t sit well on your mouth when you have more than your share. It’s a good snack, but bad for a meal. Egg noodles, still my 1st choice.

Overall, the noodles were terrific. I was full the whole morning until the afternoon. Here are my ratings:

Service – 9/10

Food – 9.5/10

Amenities – 8/10

Ambience – 10/10

OVERALL – 9.125/10



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