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A Conversation Ep. 4

This is just plain proof that some people are still a bit racist. Hahaha!

A conversation between me & my dad while we were watching the 2003 NBA All-Star Game on TV (which was Jordan’s last All-Star game, by the way).

Dad: Lakers pa ba si Shaq jan?

Me: Yep. 2003 pa yan e.

… then the camera shifted to the audience…

Dad: Oh. Si Bosh ba yun?

Me: Di pa, si Snoop Dogg yun.

Alright. I'm convinced.



He’s Just Not That Into You

NOTE: This might be a piece of fiction. So STFU and just read.

Boredom can make you do stupid things. And so I’m including this post as one of the dumbest things I could ever do without the influence of alcohol. I am sober right now.

Back to the topic.

Yes, it’s a movie. Yes, i’m writing this because of that movie. No, this isn’t directly related to my life. No, I really was just not that into you. The title has one, yes just one, relation to my post right now. It’s this conversation from the movie:

Gigi: I think I’ve figured it out. Remember when I went out with that notary public and he cheated on me and then Anastasia from upstairs told me about how her boyfriend cheated on her in the beginning then he totally changed and now they’re married and crazy in love?
Beth: I thought that guy was a process server.
Gigi: No notary. Anyway my point is, Anastasia is the exception, not the rule. We have to stop listening to these stories because they rule is most guys who cheat on you up front don’t really care about you very much.
Janine: Ok.
Gigi: Ok, Ok. Exhibit A. Chad the drummer who lived in a storage space. He only used me for rides and yet I continued to stalk him for most of 1998. Then oh, um, there was Don, that broke up with me every Friday so that he could have his weekends free. I was delusional about that relationship. I used to refer to him as my husband to random people, like my dental hygienist. Anyway, all my friends used to tell me about how things might work out with these dipsticks because they knew someone, who knew someone, who dated a dipstick just like mine. That girl ended up getting married and living happily ever after. That the exception and we’re not the exception we’re the rule.

I am an asshole. The kind of asshole that doesn’t hide emotions. I tell you straight up what my intention is (not always, but I still do eventually). I’m honest, in all seriousness. All because, I don’t see the point in lying about something that could worsen the situation if caught red handed.

So with regards to that quote from the movie, sooner or later, we find our exception to the rule. In my defense, I looked through different apartments before I could find my home… so to speak. And yes, eventually I did find my home. She is my exception.

Yeah, sure, you can pull every cliche on the book, but just because a dude found his exception to the rule, and it’s not you, it doesn’t give you the right to be mad at him. It’s all part of the whole dating aspect.

When people say that love is a game, then I say dating is the battlefield.

For example:

I date Girl 1, picked her up. Then have a nice conversation with her. Then dropped her off to her place. My intention being, I just want to get physical but it didn’t happen because I didn’t feel much connection with her.

I date Girl 2, went on 2 dates with her, with the 2nd date ending with lip locking & tongue twisting. I believed that there might be something going on between us, but it was just so hard to follow through it because we don’t talk much.

I date Girl 3, and it lasted for 2 dates. No tongue twisting happened, but there was a kiss. Unfortunately, it was alcohol induced. She said she loves me, but I responded with a smile. You confront her by telling her you can’t commit because you just want to keep it casual.

I date Girl 4, but just for one night. We’re just friends, but the night ended with sex. Not alcohol induced, but still, no sign of a connection with her. So it was just a one night stand.

Then I met Girl 5. To keep it short, she’s the exception. No dates yet, but I already feel the connection. So I decided to commit to her.

That my friend, is the battlefield. You engage on different people with the same intention, to see if you can work something out with that person.

So don’t get mad if you’re not the exception. Don’t you think it’s better to have loved & lost than never to have loved at all? Right now, be content on the fact that you’re just a rule now. Eventually, you’ll be the exception. And God knows you deserve to be one.

I can't believe I can't find any other photo for this post.

P.S. I don’t know what I just wrote. I’m sleepy as hell.

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