I wanted to put a wittier title for this blog post, but I guess the simpler the better. I’m still wondering why I’m writing this. 50% boredom, 25% hunger, 10% dazed from just waking up, 5% frustrated.

So. Condoms. Those anti-STD rubbers. Those balloon-like contraceptives. Those flavored rubbers that can be sometimes eaten like a bubblegum (before you start, no, I don’t eat condoms). This is going to sound like an interview between me & me (bear with me, I’m bored).

First question comes to mind is:

Do you use condoms?

– Personally, no.


– Besides the fact that I don’t like the feeling of the rubber on my penis, I guess I don’t have any legitimate reasons.

Aren’t you afraid to catch any diseases?

– Of course I’m afraid, that’s why I don’t have sex with total strangers. And I try to stay safe as much as possible without having to use condoms.

Have you used one?

– Yeah.

When do you decide on when to use one?

– Hahaha. There are a lot of factors. First is, when it’s the first time between you and someone who isn’t a total stranger, I use one. Or two. 2nd is, when you just feel like using it. 3rd is, and this is just for some people, when they want to control their orgasms. 4th is, if it’s with a total stranger. Lastly, if your girl wants to use one.

Damnit. That’s enough with this “interview”. I’m already laughing at myself for talking to myself.

So anyway, be safe. Stay safe. Even if you’re not wearing a condom. Have monthly, if not weekly, medical check ups. Don’t do drugs, just go out and have sex. I mean it.

Don’t let your condoms end up like these guys.



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