My Dream Zombie Game

I got to ask my friends about what I should write next, so most of them answered that it should be video game related. I’m not sure if I could write any reviews or previews right now, since my PC isn’t here with me. So I figured I should write about the best video game villain for the last 3-4 years, overtaking the Nazis & Aliens.


Not exactly what I had in mind, since we're talking about video games. But sure.

This is about our dream zombie game. Since we don’t really have the power to tell those game developers about how to make the perfect zombie game, let’s just use our powerful imaginations to create the PERFECT zombie video game.


It shouldn’t be the usual, “OH SHIT! ZOMBIES! GO GRAB SOME GUNS!” kind of storyline. Let’s face it, it’s better if the game is realistic. I could understand where the Resident Evil series is going, (SPOILER ALERT) with Wesker becoming a God-like villain but was recently deceased in RE5, and Chris Redfield punching his way through a freakin’ boulder. But if we’re talking about reality, zombies should be stupid, extremely strong, and slow. And the main characters should be plain humans. As for Dead Rising 2, I can understand that the main character has experience in kicking undead asses. But a little more story about how in the hell he got to think of those makeshift weapons would help a lot. We need reality. Especially if we’re talking about killing zombies in a video game.

My dream storyline would include normal human beings that don’t have ANY experience in firing a live weapon. Shooting a gun requires concentration and extreme dexterity. Even a cop misses, so screw that.


It’ll be an open-world game, with NO shops or stores, with the save-point being the current home-base of the characters, or a temporary camp set-up. Resources will be limited. Let’s face it, once an apocalypse happens, productions will be on a screeching halt. This is game will be a survival game. Oh, and 1 bite or scratch, YOU’RE DEAD. I still have a lot in mind, but I think you’ll get bored listening to my ideas.


Sure. Left 4 Dead has awesome replay value since it’s made for 4-8 people. Difficulties vary. But for a single-player game to have an awesome replay value, especially if zombies are directly involved, it should have an open ending. Different actions lead to different endings. Just like Dragon Age: Origins.


Ha. Zombies without violence? Are you kidding me? I’m pretty sure if this game is set to be made, we’ll have a problem with the ESRB. Realistic gore is what we gamers want.


Hmmm. This is where it gets tricky. Sure, pixelated zombies are good. Next-gen zombies, better. HD quality zombies that can make your LED monitor bleed out, BEST. If I were to produce this game, I’d get the studio that made the Arkham Asylum game. Their visuals were the best I’ve seen so far.

I guess that’s it. So if you do have any ideas in mind, remember, I DO HAVE A COMMENT BOX. 🙂

Here’s the official announcement of the next zombie game on my radar, Dead Island.



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