Husband-Wife Retaliation

I’m here to talk about a very sensitive issue, that could get me jailed by the authorities, or that could get me a lot of haters, specifically you feminists. Haha. Either way, at least I got this off my head.

We all know the rights for women & children. But my focus here is the physical abuse to women. And men, just to be fair. 😉

According to the Philippine Republic Act No. 9262, most of it describes the law against violence, may it be physical, sexual, or psychological, or all three if that’s your cup of tea, to women and children. It’s a very appropriate law, really.

I found that link for the RA No. 9262 in Google, because I’m a huge believer in the phrase, “When in doubt, Google it out”. So I got curious. Is there a law here in the Philippines for abuse to us men? Answer is, NO. Yeah. And I can prove that.

Here’s the link for my Google search, “Philippine Republic Act on Abuse to Men“.

Yes. I know most men make the mistakes. But what about the women? I’m not asking for a law to be passed right now, but it sure does eliminate the fact that God made men & women equal. Not that we all have the same God, but you get what I mean, right?

Why am I even writing about this? Ha. I got curious, myself. More than that, I just got word from a big bird that a friend of mine and his wife got into a fight. Yes. Rumor has it, the wife threw a lot of punches before he snapped and shoved her away from him. I could’ve used the word “push” but let’s assume the exaggeration, shall we?

So the guy was thrown out of the house for shoving her. Because he got fed up by all the punches she threw. Hmmm. A shove for a bunch of punches. I’m not one to judge, but I think throwing the guy out of the house is a bit harsh, don’t ya think?

Yeah yeah yeah. We have to know the reason why this girl was throwing punches. And we have to know how it started. Again, I’m not one to judge. But I think if the girl started to hurt the guy physically, I’m pretty sure we should get the right to talk about it first. If that doesn’t work, and she still insists on punching you, do a little push. Just a little. But please. Let’s be fair. Equal rights for all, please?

Let's hope this applies to everyone.



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