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The Zones

At this day and age of the Internet, I’m pretty sure you’re more than aware of the different kind of zones that you are in right now with a certain person of the opposite sex. There’s a lot of it, but really, it all comes down to this one big country called the “Friend-zone”.

One of the most obvious signs that you’re fucked.

Wikipedia defines it like this: In popular culture, the “friend zone” refers to a platonic relationship where one person wishes to enter into a romantic relationship, while the other does not. It is generally considered to be an undesirable situation by the lovelorn person. Once the friend zone is established, it is said to be difficult to move beyond that point in a relationship.

While the Urban Dictionary defines it like this: A state of being where a male inadvertently becomes a ‘platonic friend’ of an attractive female who he was trying to initiate a romantic relationship. Females have been rumored to arrive in the Friend Zone, but reports are unsubstantiated.

Girl: “I love you (Insert the poor bastard’s name here,) but I dont want to ruin a great friendship by dating you.”
Guy: “Well why the fuck did I waste two months on you?”
Those simple definitions should be enough for you to think about where you are right now in that person’s life. What are you to them? Why are you in that zone? Did you do something that fucked up your chances? Really, you wouldn’t know the truth even if you ask ’em. Girls would always try to be on the defensive, sugarcoating what they would say to you just to let you down easy. Guys would be straight to the point, but then girls would over-analyze what these guys just said and think of some entirely different meaning to it. Don’t get me wrong, girls would get it right the first time, but they won’t accept the fact that they already got it right so they conjure up a whole new definition for it.

You’re fucked, but not in the way that you’re expecting.

Now let’s get to know this one district in the Friend-zone called the “Bro-zone”.

Our friend, the Urban Dictionary defines it as:

It has been speculated that women do not end up in the friend zone as frequently as men. But where they may end up is in the Bro Zone.Though some consider it a male version of the friend zone; it is widely accepted that the Bro Zone is worse for the poor women stuck in it.In essence it is when a woman is crowned “one of the guys.” She’s considered to be part of the dude pack without the sexual tension. Men behave without restraint around the individual; not worrying about what the woman might think or wether they impress her or not. She is accepted and embraced into the pack as an equal. In short, “she’s a dude.”

Women may end up in the Bro Zone by any of the following: easy going, friendly, social, accepting but also obsession with sports, curses like a sailor, not too attractive, macho like characteristics, butch

Women with mostly male friends are more susceptible to have several Bro Zone’s. Also, most women in the Bro Zone do have a love interest they fail to impress because of the Zone. They end up listening to their love interests’ girlfriend problems and, at times, his sexual encounters. All culminating with him saying “you’re such an awesome friend.

A harsh example.

With that being said, you have to admit that we guys do it too, not as often as women friend-zone us men. But let me tell you this, the Bro Zone has a lot of male residents. And this is just taken purely out of my experience. Let me drop some knowledge.

These girls who put guys in the Bro Zone, they just consider them as “just bros”. Now, Urban Dictionary may think that the Bro Zone is only bad for the women, and it may also think that women would get the bad end of being stuck in it. Not really, if you ask me. Guys eventually see these girls in the Bro Zone as someone really cool, and they might fall for these girls, unless they are exceptionally ugly (just sayin’). Now these girls, when they put a dude in the Bro Zone, that’s it. You can’t do shit, guys. She has already established the fact that you will never be more than a cool brother to her.

The Bro Zone is harsher to us guys than you girls. Why you ask? It’s because no one likes to fuck their brother. Unless you’re into that Game Of Thrones kind of incest, even though you’re not blood related, the thought of it still sucks you in.

Poor bastard.

Final advice:

Show your intentions for how they really are. Don’t act like you’re bro-ing it out with her, then realize that she’s the one. She might put you in the Bro Zone before you know it. And girls, trust me, you have it easier than us men, you just have to accept that fact that you have boobs. Just sayin’.

I was going to talk about the other zones, but these are the two major ones. Read it, learn to like it.



Ten Things To Do When You Have Writer’s Block

Okay, since the titles says it all, I’m going to try my best to share with you guys the top ten things that I do when I have a Writer’s Block. I said try, ‘coz I’m not really sure if I have ten since I think I only have one. Let’s cut to the chase, and lez get it on!

  1. Don’t try too hard. If it’s not coming to you, don’t push it. Don’t drive yourself crazy over the fact that you can’t write shit right now. Deadlines are kind of a “push” that is required, but that’s only because you get paid or graded when you are given a deadline.
  2. Meditate. This is something that I do a lot, even if I’m in front of my computer. A few minutes of silence helps clear the mind of unnecessary things. It helps you focus on what you want to write, so long as you don’t think about it while meditating. The idea should come to you naturally.
  3. Listen to old pieces of music. No offense to the new ones, but the old ones hold so much meaning, and inspiration, you’d be jamming throughout one song while writing what you want to write. It gets me going.
  4. Don’t shove yourself into your writing. Multiple browser tabs, pressing CTRL+TAB or even ALT+TAB helps. Don’t force yourself to finish immediately. In every paragraph, a proper distraction is needed.
  5. Movies, movies, movies. It doesn’t even matter what you watch, just watch. You might be on a writer’s block because you haven’t even expanded your vocabulary that much. You just have to practice on it by watching movies, and adapting to how a conversation would be like with different kinds of people.
  6. You have to accept the fact that not everyone will always like what you write. Acceptance is the key to everything. You just have to go ahead and write it.
  7. Feed yourself. You can’t think if your brain is too busy thinking about what to eat next. Deprivation should be a top rank on what can kill you.
  8. Hydrate yourself. Think about it, the brain is 80% water, my friend.
  9. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Some of the best writers of all time are either delusional, crazy, or just high with some sort of substance. I’m not saying you should experiment on being high on acid. Sometimes, getting drunk is always the easiest option that you have.
  10. Practice on a signature style. Shakespeare’s one of the best writers of all time because he was the master of tragedies. You don’t necessarily have to imitate the way a famous writer writes, but you should establish your signature pattern. Experimentation goes hand-in-hand with practicing your style.

Wow, will you look at that. I actually listed down ten of ’em. Cool.


If I Was… (part 1)

If I was the ruler of this country, change will be swifter than cooking fish. So let’s list it down. Let’s see if it’s a reasonable kind of change for this ever-so complicated country of the Philippines.

  1. Bring back the Death Penalty for heinous crimes. This isn’t about dictating how a country should be like when you commit a crime. There would still be a fair trial, and an even more extensive investigation of what really happened.
  2. Legalize Marijuana and regulating the circulation of Tobacco. This is an age-old issue that has been resolved in certain parts of the world, with Colorado being the latest one to uphold it. I won’t go into much detail, but we all know there’s like a big-ass difference between the number of deaths of each substance. You’ll never know, this might be the solution to this thing we call Cancer.
  3. No further need of a congress. This is what I’ve been thinking about since the thought of law school entered my very lazy mind. Hundreds of politicians doing shit we never see or hear and yet they get paid bigger than those who we see sweating and bleeding in service. The number of senators in power right now should be enough to cover whatever it is that those congress people do.
  4. Religion will not have a say at any country-broad issue. Not everyone here in this country is a Catholic. Not all are Muslims. Not all are Buddhists. Religion should never be a part of decisions made for this country. This dissolves the bias we’ve always had in Philippine politics.
  5. Reproductive Health Bill. Obviously, ‘coz take a look around. Personally, I’m disgusted with the way this country’s population is booming. A lot of people complaining about how hard life is when they have more than a dozen kids in their household. So stop complaining, get educated. One thing about this bill, abortion would still be illegal to a point where if it’s not a risk to the mother’s health, then there’s no need for an abortion.
  6. Increasing the country’s focus for athletes. We keep on saying that we “could” get into the Olympics with the proper government backing. I say, we can win in the Olympics with the right support from the country that these athletes represent. Athletic programs will be made. Rather than having to study the Filipino subject too much, Physical Education will focus more on what the student wants, like what sport a teacher should teach. Coaches will have an opportunity to hold clinics.
  7. With the congress abolished, massive increase for healthcare budget will be imminent. This is obviously what everybody would want. It might not be as effective as the Canadian Healthcare, but pretty much close to it. Hey, that’s why there’s a lot of immigrants in Canada right now. This rids of the complaints by the masses of the government not paying attention to what might be a fatal disease that can be cured by an injection.

So that’s just some of it. I might continue this later, ‘coz that’s what’s up.




My hands would be trembling just ‘coz I’m thinking about her, but then again, I can’t stop convincing myself that the feeling I’m feeling for her is a bad idea. Sure, a guy can wait. I’m a testament to that. I’m a very patient guy.

Waiting is something that is often overlooked by the girls we like. The amount of effort needed for that is exponentially larger than having to think about wooing them. Waiting is a natural thing. Thing is, you can only wait for one person too long, you’d start to ignore the time passing by. Quite frankly, you just have to avoid putting her up in that pedestal. You have to avoid decisions like, your world should revolve around her. No, my friend. It’s not like that.

I’m already content with how my life is right now, even though it’s not much if you ask me. I do the things that I love while toning down the stress to a bare minimum. Why would I ruin it with a thing called “relationship”? Well, I’m not. Do you honestly think that I’m doing anything to have a relationship right now? I’m actually doing the opposite if you’re really looking at me.

So sure, sooner or later, I’ll have to pursue her. Why not now, you ask? I don’t know. There’s a lot of things to consider. This isn’t like a high-paying job that I could just take then quit if I don’t feel like working anymore.

Honestly though, if a miracle would happen and she’d like me back, I’d take it. It’s a done deal. But then again, miracles don’t happen. Not that often, to say the least. It’s the main point of waiting. We wait for that girl to love or like you back, but it wouldn’t happen. We guys are obviously afraid of failure, rejection, or even depression. It doesn’t even matter if you could mask what you feel. Taking action is what we need, but we can’t because we know for a fact that there are cons to whatever we want. Wake up though, my friend, every bit of life has its own pros and cons.

I’m in between liking her too much to loving her just right. God knows I wouldn’t want to move a muscle if it means failure on my end. Failure would mean an end to a friendship treasured for years. | Hang Time Blog

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