Ten Things To Do When You Have Writer’s Block

Okay, since the titles says it all, I’m going to try my best to share with you guys the top ten things that I do when I have a Writer’s Block. I said try, ‘coz I’m not really sure if I have ten since I think I only have one. Let’s cut to the chase, and lez get it on!

  1. Don’t try too hard. If it’s not coming to you, don’t push it. Don’t drive yourself crazy over the fact that you can’t write shit right now. Deadlines are kind of a “push” that is required, but that’s only because you get paid or graded when you are given a deadline.
  2. Meditate. This is something that I do a lot, even if I’m in front of my computer. A few minutes of silence helps clear the mind of unnecessary things. It helps you focus on what you want to write, so long as you don’t think about it while meditating. The idea should come to you naturally.
  3. Listen to old pieces of music. No offense to the new ones, but the old ones hold so much meaning, and inspiration, you’d be jamming throughout one song while writing what you want to write. It gets me going.
  4. Don’t shove yourself into your writing. Multiple browser tabs, pressing CTRL+TAB or even ALT+TAB helps. Don’t force yourself to finish immediately. In every paragraph, a proper distraction is needed.
  5. Movies, movies, movies. It doesn’t even matter what you watch, just watch. You might be on a writer’s block because you haven’t even expanded your vocabulary that much. You just have to practice on it by watching movies, and adapting to how a conversation would be like with different kinds of people.
  6. You have to accept the fact that not everyone will always like what you write. Acceptance is the key to everything. You just have to go ahead and write it.
  7. Feed yourself. You can’t think if your brain is too busy thinking about what to eat next. Deprivation should be a top rank on what can kill you.
  8. Hydrate yourself. Think about it, the brain is 80% water, my friend.
  9. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Some of the best writers of all time are either delusional, crazy, or just high with some sort of substance. I’m not saying you should experiment on being high on acid. Sometimes, getting drunk is always the easiest option that you have.
  10. Practice on a signature style. Shakespeare’s one of the best writers of all time because he was the master of tragedies. You don’t necessarily have to imitate the way a famous writer writes, but you should establish your signature pattern. Experimentation goes hand-in-hand with practicing your style.

Wow, will you look at that. I actually listed down ten of ’em. Cool.



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