Shawarma Bros (Review)

So me and my friends were watching a fireworks display right outside the window of our hotel room, when we got to look down and saw a group of tents just a few blocks away from where we were at.

It was kind of like Mercato and Banchetto, only it’s called Cucina Andare. Tagline says that it’s the first ever food truck market in the Philippines. I’m not even going to try and say anything about that since I’m not planning on making a review about a whole food market.

While trying to look for the ever-elusive Juicy Lucy, we did find a stall close to what the Juicy Lucy really is. But no, we decided not to go through with it ‘coz it ain’t like the original. Aimlessly walking through the market, we found this food truck with a very tempting color.

It’s called Shawarma Bros. My friends and I went there and ordered six lamb shawarma rice, and one chicken shawarma rice. Although one friend of mine expected that it would be in a pita bread, I didn’t mind eating it with rice.

So I got one of the six lamb shawarma rice meals, and had it sauced all over with garlic mayo & spicy tomato. It was all good, considering that we were able to find a decent spot and all. But the buzz kill was the fact that the lamb was slightly overcooked, and the meat on the bone itself was a bit rubbery. They seasoned the friggin’ rice way too much for our liking.

Overall, it could’ve been nice if they put a bit of variety to their menu. It was an average experience, to be honest.

Service – 8/10

Food – 6/10

Amenities – 7/10

 Ambiance – 8/10

OVERALL – 7.25/10



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One response to “Shawarma Bros (Review)”

  1. hasan al says :

    I still do not get do yiu call what is being as served as shawarma where the corestone of the business to make shawarma is not is the A of the business, unless you want to invent a new business.tnx for the review anyway.

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