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Boredom Would Explain This Post

Wow. It’s been… I don’t know when since I last posted here. Not that I was busy, I’m actually bored everyday. All I ever did for the last few days were:

  1. Surfing the internet for articles that would actually kill time better than masturbation.
  2. Play NBA Legend in my Facebook. (It killed so much time, I exceeded my bandwidth limit just by reopening this game every hour)
  3. Played basketball. (500 baskets made is no joke. I aim to go for 1000 before the week ends)
  4. Broke up with my rebound girlfriend. (Yeah, what? Judge me, I don’t give a genuine fuck)
  5. Sleep. (Early, if I may add)

This happens if I don’t have money. This happens if I don’t have anything productive to do. Come to think of it, playing basketball is productive. So screw that. Hahahaha.

Anyway, me & my friends are planning on starting a web-comic online just to keep our juices flowing. And by juices, I mean blood. Oh yeah, I have to learn how to use my MVC3 team. I’m a fuckin’ geek.

Oh. Sex. Sex? Sex. :/



I should stop.

Yeah… I think I should.

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