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If I Was… (part 1)

If I was the ruler of this country, change will be swifter than cooking fish. So let’s list it down. Let’s see if it’s a reasonable kind of change for this ever-so complicated country of the Philippines.

  1. Bring back the Death Penalty for heinous crimes. This isn’t about dictating how a country should be like when you commit a crime. There would still be a fair trial, and an even more extensive investigation of what really happened.
  2. Legalize Marijuana and regulating the circulation of Tobacco. This is an age-old issue that has been resolved in certain parts of the world, with Colorado being the latest one to uphold it. I won’t go into much detail, but we all know there’s like a big-ass difference between the number of deaths of each substance. You’ll never know, this might be the solution to this thing we call Cancer.
  3. No further need of a congress. This is what I’ve been thinking about since the thought of law school entered my very lazy mind. Hundreds of politicians doing shit we never see or hear and yet they get paid bigger than those who we see sweating and bleeding in service. The number of senators in power right now should be enough to cover whatever it is that those congress people do.
  4. Religion will not have a say at any country-broad issue. Not everyone here in this country is a Catholic. Not all are Muslims. Not all are Buddhists. Religion should never be a part of decisions made for this country. This dissolves the bias we’ve always had in Philippine politics.
  5. Reproductive Health Bill. Obviously, ‘coz take a look around. Personally, I’m disgusted with the way this country’s population is booming. A lot of people complaining about how hard life is when they have more than a dozen kids in their household. So stop complaining, get educated. One thing about this bill, abortion would still be illegal to a point where if it’s not a risk to the mother’s health, then there’s no need for an abortion.
  6. Increasing the country’s focus for athletes. We keep on saying that we “could” get into the Olympics with the proper government backing. I say, we can win in the Olympics with the right support from the country that these athletes represent. Athletic programs will be made. Rather than having to study the Filipino subject too much, Physical Education will focus more on what the student wants, like what sport a teacher should teach. Coaches will have an opportunity to hold clinics.
  7. With the congress abolished, massive increase for healthcare budget will be imminent. This is obviously what everybody would want. It might not be as effective as the Canadian Healthcare, but pretty much close to it. Hey, that’s why there’s a lot of immigrants in Canada right now. This rids of the complaints by the masses of the government not paying attention to what might be a fatal disease that can be cured by an injection.

So that’s just some of it. I might continue this later, ‘coz that’s what’s up.




The Death Penalty

Okay, here we go again. Another sensitive topic. Capital Punishment here in the Philippines. I’m writing this because of the recent issue of 3 people arrested in China for drug possession. Hate me for sharing my opinion, I don’t really care. So here we go.

First off, again, I Google‘d most of my research so don’t judge my work. Google is the most comprehensive search engine EVER. And no, Google doesn’t pay me to plug their name in my blog.

So. For a brief history of the Capital Punishment here in the Philippines, I found this very reliable article in Wikipedia. See the trend?

Now here’s the Republic Act No. 9165 for Illegal drugs. I’m pretty sure that death penalty is out of the equation since it was abolished back in 2006.

IMO, those 3 who were caught in China for being drug mules (now executed) should have seen this coming. I’m not sure if it’s right to talk shit about them now that they’re executed, but seriously, if you’re planning on doing something illegal, make sure you’re ready for the consequences. We can’t blame the Chinese government for implementing their laws. Blame those fuckin’ drug lords who just can’t stop trafficking illegal shit.

Who are we to decide who to execute? If you’re proven guilty of an unforgivable crime, then maybe, you should pay for your life. Not be given a second chance of living in prison for a lifetime. You don’t get to have the benefit of having free food in a government facility. But that’s just me.

I feel bad for this guy. He’s the only dude in my 19 years of living here who received the death penalty. Or at least, to be fair, he’s the only guy I remember of having to die by lethal injection. But seriously, he raped his own daughter. So I guess he had it coming, so to speak.

So let’s think about it. How about we bring back the death penalty? Not only we would prevent vigilante justice, we’ll make an example out of those people who just can’t seem to do any right in this world. Religion aside, we all know that those people who committed unforgivable crimes should cease to exist in this world. Take for example, Andal Ampatuan Jr. That douchebag killed a lot of people. And yet he lives. Those 3 who were recently executed in China, pushed drugs. Can you not see the difference?

What the FUCK is wrong with our system?

You figure it out.

Ask yourself. You'll figure it out.


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