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On Halt

I should say that this time in my life, I should be on halt with the kind of things that can possibly ruin myself. I just got home from a very challenging trek in Paete, Laguna through its famous mountain path to the place they call Tatlong Krus (Three Crosses). I was with five other friends, and I was actually ecstatic that they were the ones I was with that time. Roy and I are two very unfit people, but we pushed ourselves to our personal limits even though we keep on complaining that we sometimes could not catch up to the pace of our two US Air Force friends who were on the head end of the group. This was definitely something to remember. I mean, come on. I was complaining about my stamina, that sometimes I couldn’t catch my breath, that my left knee was fucking the experience up, or that I’m just too fat for this kind of trek. And come on, we did this in the dark. If we didn’t have any flashlights, the whole trail would be pitch black. It didn’t help the Reia, the sole female in the group, was paranoid about the fact that she heard a story about someone getting stabbed and killed on the way up. Well, I can’t blame her though. We did see a drunk dude carrying a big-ass machete on the way up. But I guess he was too drunk to even keep his eyes open. At the end of the trek, I was half-expecting that someone will trip or something, ‘coz that’s how it is with these kinds of adventures. Accidents happen last. And yes, I stepped on a loose rock at the entrance of the town and twisted my right ankle. Now it hurts like a bitch now that we’re back in Manila.

‘Nuff about that, though. I’m pretty sure that if you follow the shit I write, you’d want to know what happened between me and that girl I like. Well, none of the shit I want to happen happened. Why? I think too much to even make a fuckin’ move. I mean, I did try. We were in the middle of a road-trip that time, and she was sleeping, bobbing her head sideways, couldn’t find a comfortable position. I asked her three times if she wanted to lean her head against mine. The third time I choked, ‘coz she asked what my question was, and I just said “you okay?”. Really, I guess I was just thinking too much. Not that I’m underselling myself, but she’s in love with another guy. It’s obvious, and I know it. I ended up feeling these things despite that fact. I suck at this.

But hey, at least starting right now, all the shit I’ve been through this 2012 is about to be over. I will consistently try to work the shit out of my system as soon as my ankle heals up.


P.S. I’ll probably edit this post as soon as the photos gets uploaded. Photo proof and all.


People Just Can’t Stop

I have to admit, I’m guilty of this. But then so is everybody else in the internet. Or in the office. Or in the classroom. To keep it simple, people always have something to say, whether bad or good, they’ll have something to say about something, or someone. It’s been like that ever since Simon Cowell became a judge in American Idol.

That face is about to say something bad. You know it.

People can’t and will not stop. But I’m not saying that it’s a bad thing. Well, it’s not a bad thing entirely. See, it’s constructive if you immediately let that person know if what he/she is doing is bad or good. It gives out an ample room for change. It doesn’t even matter if it isn’t face-to-face, just as long as you tell them directly, and immediately. But nooooooo. Some people just can’t do that. They’d rather talk it out within their circle, and just make the person they’re talking about miserable by making it WAY TOO OBVIOUS that that person is the one they’re talking shit about.

I’d love to drop some names, but a lot of people have advised me not to. Smart move that I’m following their advice. Really smart. So do me a favor here. If you think you’re the person I’m talking about here in my blog, by all means approach me, text me, call me, or even IM me on Facebook. I’ll tell you right away without any bullshit that you’re that person. If you’re not, and you’re curious about it, maybe I’ll tell you the story, maybe I won’t.

So let’s get it on.

Not like that, but sure.

We’ve already told that person that what you guys are trying to gossip about, is true. We did not give her the thought that she’s not. Let’s face it. Guys like him. Sure, she likes the attention, but who are you to say that it’s a bad thing? She’s single, and you all know it. Y’all should lay off of her. Insecurity might play a part, but you guys shouldn’t even consider that as a factor, ‘coz for me, this is worse than that.

You were are all my friends. I try to think about how it was in the beginning, and it was very promising. We thought it’ll be for the long-run. What the hell happened? Oh wait. I think I know what happened.

Here’s the thing I’ve never changed about myself. I show my shitty-side (the side that I know people would hate regardless of their opinion) immediately. Then if they decide to accept that side, then I’ll know that they’re worth being friends with. What you guys did was to show the nice side first. You just didn’t know that once we find out your bad side, it’s a coin toss.

I learned to accept people for who they really are, regardless of my opinion about them. It’s who they are. And like I said before, who are you to say that it’s a bad thing? That’s how REAL FRIENDSHIP is supposed to be. It’s not about the gadgets. It’s not about who’s prettier. It’s not about who’s better at this or that. It’s not about who’s worse than who. It’s not about expanding your network of friends. It’s about acceptance. It’s about supporting each other. It’s about experiencing the good, the bad, the worst, and the best while having someone there for you without thinking of the outcome of what happened.

But who am I to define what friendship is? I’m just a dude who speaks his mind, and has a lot of enemies because of it.

Bottom-line is, if you don’t like to be friends with one another, then at least shut the fuck up and respect each other. That’s the least you can give without hating. And I say this because I respect y’all even though you’ve been saying a whole lot of shit. That’s just me.

That's right. 'Nuff said.

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