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Her Preferences

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. And quite frankly, it is a legitimate topic. Not to mention, a mind-boggling issue worthy of a debate. So let’s see if your arguments are valid.

My guess is, it wouldn't be as valid as this.

So here’s the topic.

Women who prefer dating guys with thick wallets rather than quality guys.

This is a really old topic, which I just thought would be fun to talk about nowadays. I have to be honest, I think I broke up with 2 girls because I thought my wallet’s not thick enough, so to speak.

Let’s be honest here. This is a legitimate fear of guys. Women who they date don’t say straight up that they only did that because they’re rich. Guys who fear that women are after their money are douche-bags. Women who date guys for their money are gold-diggers.

Why can’t we all just love each other just because?

Is the economy that bad nowadays? Sorry. But I can’t help but ask.

It upsets me.



A Bit of Reminiscing

About a year ago, I left work because of this girl. That’s just one of the reasons why I left work, so please, don’t sue me. I have lots of reasons, actually. Now, in 5 days, I’ll be working again. And hopefully, not going to leave it because one reason would involve a girl.

Ha. I just got back from the mountains with a few of my closest friends. Holy shit. Lots of awesome stuff happened, and we’re so happy that we were able to keep the tradition alive even if only a few of us were able to come with. We had too much food, and too much liquor. Yeah. THAT’S A LOT CONSIDERING THAT I’M THE ONE WHO SAID THIS.

Ah yes. That time capsule 3-4 years ago from the 3rd outing? It was there. It’s a mystery though. You’d have to get us drunk before we could even say shit about it. Hahahahaha. Great thing about the hike was the hike itself. I don’t have any recollection of the hike being so goddamn tiring. What the hell happened to us?!

Anyway. This shit is about reminiscing so let’s get into it.

I opened my old social network accounts out of boredom my drowsiness (that doesn’t include Friendster, because I forgot that shit 4 years ago). I mean, wow. I said a lot of things I meant back then, and still, I’m the one who got the bad end of it. What’s wrong with being honest? Seriously?

Earlier, I told you about a girl. I accidentally thought of her while drinking with my friends. I kind of miss her. Just to be friends with her again would be nice. Yeah, I said that. I can be friendly at times. And forgiving.

Actually, I have nothing else to say anymore. This is such a dramatic post, considering that I don’t normally rant about my emotions. I don’t tell people in my blog that I miss them. Unless I meant it. So yeah.

Fuck. Wait. I have to pee in a cup again. I’ll flame around online later.

Pee or Orange Juice? You decide.



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